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Construction, telescopic, cranes, material handlers, screening & crushing, generators, compressors and accessories.

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The story behind

When operating a business in the construction or industrial sector, you need to decide how to spend your capital wisely. When you need equipment for a job, you can always buy new, but there are times when it can make sense to invest in used equipment.

Our used machines undergo a rigorous inspection and refurbishment process. Therefore, you can purchase quality used equipment at reasonable costs. You can be assured of a reliable performance and complete peace of mind.

Buying used equipment offers some advantages:

  • Less investment:

Not only the purchase is cheaper, also expenses like taxes, insurance or interest charges on financed bargains are lower.


  • Ready to go:

Buying new means placing an order and waiting for your piece of machinery to be manufactured for you. Therefore, you have to contend with any possible lag time involved. On the other hand, used equipment is available right away. It can be delivered to your facility or directly to a job site and you can start working with it (and have it start paying for itself).


  • Hold equipment value:

Used equipment depreciates at a much lower rate than new equipment. As long as the used equipment is properly maintained, it will hold its value. As a reputable used equipment dealer, we track the maintenance history on the equipment we sell. Our customers know how many hours various parts can work before they need to be serviced or rebuilt.


  • Increase felxibility

By choosing to buy a piece of used equipment you can focus on building your fleet. Since you can acquire used equipment rather easily and for less cash, you will be able to consider bidding on jobs you would not be able to consider if it was conditional on you buying new machinery. You can also turn your attention to the projects booked for completion.


You can find all our used machines with information on

  • manufacturer
  • production year
  • working hours
  • condition
  • price


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