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JCB 325T Forestmaster

built for the challenge

Forestry work can be arduous and hazardous and, in response, JCB presents the 325T Forestmaster compact track loader. Specially built for the challenge, the Forestmaster offers you all the innovation, ergonomics and safety you'd expect from a JCB track loader - unique side entry, a huge operator environment, best-in-class productivity and visibility - along with several dedicated features.


It's a heavily reinforced track loader, for example, with stringent FOPS protection and heavy armour to key components. There's much more too, including a forestry cutting head and an advanced cooling system.

JCB’s exclusive left-hand-side entry system allows 325T Forestmaster compact loader operators to access the machine without having to climb over large cumbersome attachments or under an unsupported boom.


The emergency exit on a JCB compact track loader is via the front of the machine, as opposed to via the small rear window as per traditional twin-arm designs.


With a 270° field of vision, our loaders have up to 60% better visibility than rival machines (which offer around 165°). Because JCB’s unique PowerBoom design doesn’t need a rear torque tube on vertical lift models, visibility is further improved.


PowerBoom’s single-arm low-slung design means there’s excellent visibility to both the left and right side of your track loader.

Net Engine Power 68.6 kW

Operating Capacity 1452 kg

Operating Weight 5677 kg

This compact track loader is equipped with a forestry cutting head as standard; powered by a high output variable displacement piston motor with self-aligning belt drive, this offers maximum productivity.


Our isolation-mounted enclosed cab is 33% larger than ordinary track loader designs. The standard suspension seat is comfy, while the whole environment is pressurised to keep out dust.


To aid overall performance and cope with the rigours of forestry work, a highly efficient cooling system comes as standard. This includes a cooling pack guard, reversing fan and air intake scavenge system.


There’s Level 2 FOPS protection and steel mesh to both flanks, as well as guards on the exhaust, left-hand quarter panel, high flow steel tube, loader hydraulic hoses, auxiliary coupler, track tube and front work lights.

The JCB 325T Forestmaster compact track loader benefits from our unique PowerBoom design – a single-sided reinforced high tensile strength steel boom, with internal baffle plates for added strength, constructed from 20% more steel than rival twin-arm designs.


The PowerBoom structure provides a safe route for hydraulic hoses so that they’re well protected from damage. To keep the fuel tank protected, it’s mounted inside the loader tower; there’s also an easily accessible drain port.


To ensure optimum precision and build quality, we use advanced manufacturing and assembly processes during the manufacture of key components.


The door on your JCB 325T track loader is designed to be stiff and durable for added structural strength and rigidity. Another area that boosts rigidity and service life is the single-piece chassis.