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JCB 8020 CTS

JCB 8020 CTS

Designed to perform. Built with you in mind

The JCB 8020 CTS mini excavator weighs 2060 kg  and uses the same 1.1 litre Perkins 14.7 kW engine as JCBs 801 series, but has a hydraulically extendable long undercarriage for added stability, as well as two-speed auto kickdown tracking for speedy manoeuvering on site.


The 8020 CTS also a cast slew frame for great integral strength. This unique mini excavator feature has also allowed JCB to reposition the engine and tanks towards the rear, removing the need for excessive counterweighting.


In all, the JCB 8020 CTS mini excavator is a stable, light machine that’s compatible with a huge range of mini attachments and buckets.

JCB 8020 CTS

The JCB 8020 CTS boasts class-leading excavation performance: 2.62m depth, 4.30m reach, 2.77m height. There’s also class-leading lift capacity and digging envelope. JCBs new hydraulic valve block allows you to travel in a straight line at the same time as selecting excavator functions and thus increasing productivity.


As this mini excavator weighs just 2067kg, it can be easily towed to wherever you need it. A powerful new 14.2Kw engine produces high torque at low revs and thus providing ample power for even the most demanding tasks.


The JCB 8020 CTS uses the very latest sealing technology – the O-ring face trapezoidal seal hydraulics minimise leaks. To optimise durability and service life, JCB has fitted replaceable steel bushes to the kingpost, dipper nose and bucket tipping link. This also provides smooth and accurate operation.


For ultimate damage protection the hydraulic hoses (including the auxiliary) are routed through the boom and dipper .

JCB 8020 CTS

The JCB 8020 CTS’ new hydraulic valve block results in smooth, controlled, precise and balanced operation of excavator functions. A two-speed tracking button on the dozer lever is easy and intuitive to use.


By improving the cab tilt angle by 17%, JCB has increased service access still further although it was already best-in-class. This design eliminates the need for restrictive servicing hatches in the floor. All daily service points were grouped to make servicing quick and easy. Adjustable wear pads on the track extensions provide a long service life and a firm, positive, quiet ride during tracking.


The high-strength box section dozer blade can withstand impacts from kerbs and man hole covers, while a steel plate protects dozer blade hoses. For maximum protection all the hoses on the JCB 8020 CTS’ undercarriage are recessed.

JCB 8020 CTS

The short pitched tracks engage every tooth on the sprocket for less vibration and noise as well as a far smoother ride. A large glass area and low bonnet profile provide excellent all-round visibility, including to the front right-hand track. Therefore the JCB 8020 CTS doesn’t need mirrors to meet EU regulations.

 JCB used a one-piece seat base. This reduces machine vibration and provides high levels of operator comfort. Dozer extensions swing out easily, allowing operators to quickly and easily shift the dozer wings.

JCB 8020 CTS

Maximum Dig Depth 2.62 m

Maximum Dump Height 2.77 m

Operating Weight 2067 kg